Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Teacher Trailer : I wish I had a teacher like Cameron Diaz : Trailer

Well when you see the poster, don’t even think that the poster is of a porno flick. No it is not but the movie surely looks like it has too many F-words and Cameron Diaz looks really a bad teacher. She is teamed up with Jason Siegel and Justin Timberlake In the movie. And the trailer looks really funny and surely makes you wonder, why you couldn’t have a teacher like this. Who is so foul-mouthed and so careless and so super sexy?

Well the trailer looks cool, here is the synopsis of the movie plot; Cameron Diaz is a foul mouthed high school teacher who is all lazy and disinterested in teaching the high school students. She has been dumped by her sugar-daddy and now is on the way of wooing her colleague who has also been dumped by a girl. Now to woo him she wants to have a silicon implant done. But does that colleague love her or somebody else loves the bad-teacher. Things obviously will be clear when you see the movie which will release this June all over the world.
Till then enjoy the trailer and let us know whether you like the plot and the trailer or not, in the comments section below.

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